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SharePoint Page Layout Change Utility

The SharePoint Page Layout Change Utility is a console application which takes the site, web, library, and page layout you enter and iterates through to change the page layout for each item in the library.

You will need to download and run the PageLayoutChange.exe file. When prompted, enter the full url of the site which your library is in, for example :

When prompted for website name, enter just the name of the web for the library. For Example, if your library is in the following url: you would enter "/Team" for the web.

When prompted for the Library Name enter the name of the Library.

When prompted for the Page Layout you wish to change to, enter the name of the Page Layout that you want to use. For example, if you have a page layout called MyCustomLayout.aspx in your Page Layout gallery you would enter the full name "MyCustomLayout.aspx" in this command. *Make sure to enter the extension

Press Enter again. As it goes through and changes the layouts it will notify you in the command lne.

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